Grateful Patient Program 

At one time or another, each of us will need to trust our lives or the life of a loved one to a person or a team of healthcare professionals. The Grateful Patient Program provides an opportunity for friends and family to say “Thank You” to a nurse, physician, housekeeper, receptionist, therapist, or maybe a patient and their family was touched by the kindness of an entire hospital department.

  • Gifts of any amount may accompany a Grateful Patient award, but are not required to simply thank someone for making their visit and outcome a positive experience.

  • If a grateful patient wishes to make a gift to the Ruby Valley Healthcare Foundation in honor of an employee or department, these funds will be used to purchase equipment or to support services and programs – every gift will make a difference.

  • In the event a grateful patient or family simply wants to acknowledge a staff member or department a heart-felt thank you is all that is expected.

Use the button below for a convenient way to make an online Grateful Patient award. You will have the opportunity to leave a note only, or to include a donation. 

Grateful Patient cards can be found in the hospital at the reception desk, the nurses’ station or in the Emergency Room.

The Foundation office also has a supply.

It is important to note that the Grateful Patient Program is not an Employee of the Month Program, nor is it a popularity contest. It is simply a way for a patient/customer or their family to thank employees, departments and staff members. Many employees and caregivers can be honored multiple times a month, many times a year!

Grateful Patient gifts

Jeff and Laurie Westover

$250 to thank and honor Ruby Valley Medical Center Emergency Room Department/Staff.

Thank you for caring!
— Jeff and Laurie Westover


The Ruby Valley Healthcare Foundation will be responsible to implement the Grateful Patient Program by:

  • Providing customized Grateful Patient cards throughout the hospital.

  • If a patient or a family member wishes to thank a staff member, clinician, physician, visiting specialist, hospital department, or any staff member, they simply fill the card out and put it in the red Grateful Patient drop box, which as previously stated, are located in the main lobby at the reception desk, the nurses’ station or in the emergency room.

  • The Foundation will be responsible to monitor the drop boxes on a weekly basis.

  • Grateful Patient awards will be made to the employee, department, and/or medical staff/physician by the Foundation at the beginning of every month.

  • All Grateful Patient names/awards will be sent to HR and/or Administration at the beginning of every month.

  • Each Grateful Patient award card will state the name of the award recipient and department they work in. With the patient’s permission, the award will accompany the patient name with room to write a personal note or comment.

  • Each Grateful Patient award card will include a custom made pendant that can be worn on an employee’s lanyard or ID card.

  • The Foundation will create a line item to track all Grateful Patient donations. As these elective funds come to fruition, they will be reported at the BOT meetings every month.

  • These funds will be restricted to the hospitals most pressing needs, whether it is equipment, programs or services.

  • All receipts and thank you acknowledgements will be sent to the donors by the Foundation.


Benefits of Grateful Patient Program

  • Good for employee morale.

  • Demonstrates a culture of gratitude for the hospital and the foundation.

  • Gives our patients/customers an avenue to thank caregivers and hospital staff.

  • Gives patients an opportunity to financially support the many services that our hospital provides.

  • Grateful Patient awardee/names will be posted on the donor wall boards-kiosks.

  • Grateful Patient Program will be promoted on our web site.

  • Grateful Patient Program will be listed as a Planned Giving Option in our brochure.

  • Grateful Patient Program will be included on all our donor cards which are circulated throughout the community via our bi-annual bulk mailings.

  • Grateful Patient cards will be available at all community events, and at our Annual Event in August at the Round Barn.

  • Grateful Patient Program will be featured as a new-to-us program at RVHF and RVMC.

  • Grateful Patient award recipients will be announced at the Hospital Christmas party and at the Foundation’s Annual event.

In Summation

The Grateful Patient Program will help enhance and continue the outstanding level of care our community has come to expect from the Ruby Valley Medical Center. RVMC is one of the most valuable healthcare resources in our area, and the role of the Ruby Valley Healthcare Foundation is to support its various departments, programs and services.

Ruby Valley Medical Center is a ‘safety-net’ hospital, meaning that our programs and services are available 24/7/365 to more than 2,500 community members and visitors who rely on us for quality medical care and services. Hospitals are also brands, and all brands want to be known for doing good things. A grateful patient program is evidence of all of your excellent work, since grateful patients are generously giving back or coming back in honor of the positive experiences they had in your care.

A hospital with a good reputation is apt to receive more patients, and, when the good word spreads, any and all patients might consider giving to support the future of both the hospital and their own medical care.

Thank you for this opportunity to thank all our hospital employees!

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